About Us

Started as a hobby in 2016, Scribe Shack is the husband and wife team of Jeff and Vanessa Burton. Jeff creates and manufactures all of the products, and Vanessa helps with the show schedules and administrative tasks.

Jeff tells the story of how a young boy inspired him to expand his hobby into a business. "During one of our earliest craft fairs, a young boy came into the booth and spent a long time looking at our mechanical pencils made from exotic wood. He would pick up one, scrutinize it, then place it back and move to the next. He finally decided the best was a mechanical pencil made from Osage Orange. As he headed out of the booth, he looked at me and told me he would be back. Late that same day, the boy and his mother stopped by. His mother told me the story of how her son had spent the day selling drinks from a wagon he pulled around the craft fair to earn money to buy the pencil. I was so humbled that young boy chose to spend his hard-earned money on something I had made. It was that moment that inspired me to work on growing my hobby into a business to serve people like that young boy."

Jeff handcrafts all Scribe Shack writing instruments in their garage production facility in West Paducah, KY. He works mostly with exotic and domestic woods responsibly sourced from reputable dealers. His journal products are hand-sewn and hand-bound using traditional binding techniques and tools. Each journal is one of a kind.

"Writing forces us to slow down, think methodically, and enhances our minds ability to retain information better than any other method. At the Scribe Shack, we want to provide you with the instruments and medium to make writing an enjoyable and pleasurable pastime."